World Wide Rave

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If you’ve never read the book World Wide Rave then your definitely missing out on some valuable PR information!

The author, David Meerman Scott, is a New York Times best selling author, marketing strategist, keynote speaker and seminar leader!

The World Wide Rave gives “Rules of the Rave” on how a companies can trigger a world wide rave:

1. Nobody cares about your product (except you)- People only care about themselves ways to solve their  problems.

2. No coercion required- If you have a product worth sharing, you won’t need to coerce people into buying your products.

3. Lose control-Make your messages available and free  for everyone to see online.

4. Put down the roots- If you want your message to spread you need to be involved in the online community.

5. Create triggers that encourage people to share- Companies need to be create, so that people will want to share their message.

6. Point the world to your desktop-If you follow the “Rules of the Rave,” people will talk about your company, and when they do, they will create buzz all over search engines.

I highly recommend this book! It is a short,easy read and every company can benefit from it!


Summer Internships


Image Credit: "Social Media Camp 2009- Social Media for the Job Search" By deanmeyersnet

As the school year comes to an end many college students are looking for a summer internship.

Wanting a job in the professional PR world, it was important for me to search for a summer internship, and I am so glad to have the opportunity to intern in Lakeland, FL at the Polk Museum of Art!

Because the job market is so competitive, students need to gain as much experience as possible. It’s important to fill your resume with professional work experience so that you can set yourself apart from other students who may be applying for the same job.

There are social media sites that help students network and find internships in their field.

Some of the websites include, LinkedIn and  Not only can students search for internship opportunities, but they are also able to build relationships with clients who may potentially offer them a job!

I recommend all students to create accounts on both social media sties because it’s important to think about your future before it’s time to  graduate!



I was inspired to write about charity: water because of a presentation that Joe Citro, Dave Del Col, Melissa Rodriguez and Alexa Gardner did in my PR Strategies class.

Scott Harrison, founder of charity: water started the organization in 2004 after traveling to Africa. He was looking for a life changing experience after spending 10 years of his life living selfishly, promoting clubs and fashion events in New York City.

charity: water is a non-profit organization that brings clean and safe water to under developed countries. 100% of donations go to towards the funding of wells to bring in the clean water.

Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Jessica Biel and Adam Lambert support charity: water a raise awareness of the cause through social media sites, like Twitter.

Justin Bieber tweeted to his fans and family members to donate $17 to charity: water for his 17th birthday. Bieber’s goal was to raise $17,000, but so far he has exceeded the number of donations by raising over $46,000. His birthday wish has created a running campaign!

I feel that a lot of people are informed about different charities because of social media.  I first heard about charity: water on Twitter. If it wasn’t for social media I would be clueless about major issues going on around the world.

Check out the viral video called “Charity.Water (stop the pain).” Del Col, created the video to promote awareness of charity:water.

The Royal Wedding

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The royal wedding is approaching and will take place at Westminster Abbey on April 29th at 11 a.m. Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton’s wedding will be broadcasted all over the television for the world to see.

This wedding has certainly been a hot topic since the day Prince William proposed to Kate with Princess Diana’s wedding ring.

Although many of us will not be invited to the wedding, I feel that we are all apart of it in some way or another.

Every morning when I watch the Today Show or any news station, they are always updating us on the wedding plans.

You can also visit the royal wedding website to keep informed about the wedding. The website features a home, a service, a procession, a reception and a background tab that gives details about each part of the wedding.

The Clarence House will be the home to William and Kate soon after their wedding. According to new stats by the British real estate website Zoopla, the Clarence House is valued at $78.76 million.

You can also follow the Clarence House on Twitter and “like” the British Monarchy on Facebook to stay up to date on the wedding plans!

Check out ” The T-mobile Royal Wedding” on Youtube! It celebrates the marriage of William and Katie.

American Idol’s one and only PIA TOSCANO

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OK, so I’m sure many of you are thinking, who watches American Idol? That show is so 9 seasons ago! But, I on the other hand, happen to be a huge American Idol fan!! I have been watching season 10 religiously!

When judges, Simon Cowel and Paula Abdul left the show, I had pretty low expectations for American Idol, but I have to say, FOX made a great move by adding new judges,  Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler ! They are wonderful judges and certainly keep the viewers entertained.

Aside from the new judges, I have never seen so many talented artists on one season! My absolute favorite was Pia Toscano! Her elimination was quite controversial when she was voted off on April 7th.  Considering that she was top 5 material, many of her fans were upset when she had to leave the show.

Some critics say Toscano was voted off due to an underlying sexism amongst the voters.

Pia Toscano will be a star no matter what! She doesn’t need the title of American Idol to make a name for herself. She is such a talented artist and record companies are after her!

According to E! Online, She will be appearing on Dancing With the Stars Tuesday, April 26th. She even made her debut on the Ellen Show April 14th.

Check out this YouTube Video of Toscano singing “All in Love is Fair.”

Guest Blogger Mallory Moore

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My guest blogger is Mallory Moore. Her blog posts always make me laugh and I’m always entertained by what she has to say!

Really Rolling Stone?

08MAR20116 Comments

by mallory898 in PR Connections

Well, I guess it was bound to happen. On Friday, March 11th, Rolling Stone will release its March cover with reality star Nicole Polizzi, more commonly known as “Snooki.” If you don’t already know, Snooki is part of MTV’s cast of Jersey Shore, a show thats about partying, eating, and “guidos.” When Rolling Stone released the cover, artists such as Ne-Yo were not impressed. he posted on Twitter account, “No disrespect to Snooki, I don’t know her, but damn Rolling Stone?”

The magazine, which focuses mainly on on music, took a different approach by having a reality star on the front cover. Dedicated readers may or may not enjoy this month’s cover. However, putting the hit reality star on the cover can draw in new readers to the magazine.

Another star that was upset with the cover was hit artist Pink. She also posted on her Facebook status, “ “Dear Rolling Stone, Really?”

Snooki herself was surprised she was asked to pose on the cover, wear she is wearing cowboys boots and twirling a lasso.

My guess: Jersey Shore viewers are going to love it. Rolling Stone readers: not so much.

Guest Blogger Courtney Sturgill

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My guest blogger is Courtney Sturgill! Her blog has been one of my favorites and I’ve really enjoyed her PR Connections!

Ray Lewis: A Dream to Make Polk County a Better Place

A graduate of Kathleen High School and now NFL star-player for the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Lewis has returned to his hometown of Lakeland with hopes to make a difference in the community and help youth at risk.

Founder of the Ray Lewis 52 Foundation, it is his dream and mission to provide personal and economic assistance to troubled youth.

He is greatly known for being a strong leader both on and off the field, who has the desire and will to make sure things get done. Well-known for all of his charity work in the Baltimore area, Ray now wants to bring that back to his hometown and make this community a better place.

Lewis said in an interview with the Lakeland Ledger, “This has always been a dream of mine. This is the ultimate. We have all the beautiful people of our city come together for one common goal – not to make money or any of that stuff – but to affect lives.”

The Ray Lewis Foundation kicked off its series of events with a charity bowling tournament held in Lakeland at Orange Bowl Lanes on March 31. Ray was in attendance, as well as many other celebrities including Bo Jackson, Roy Jones Jr., Doug Williams, and Ahmad Black.

As the reigning Miss Lakeland, I was fortunate enough to be a part of these events as well. I attended the bowling tournament and bowled as one of the “celebrity bowlers.” It was truly such an amazing event to see all of these people come together for the common cause of making our community a better place.

After meeting Ray Lewis and spending time with him before the tournament, I learned he truly is a man of such inspiration and desire. His determination to help this community makes him such an admirable role model to others and I was so grateful for the opportunity to particpate in this charitable event to help benefit the Ray Lewis 52 Foundation.

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