Socially Active by Mishka  Campbell


I also use the social media sites, Facebook and YouTube. I guess would fall under the “normal” college student category because I have a Facebook!  I use Facebook to chat, look at pictures and keep in touch with my friends, and it’s very easy to get distracted “people researching” (also known as “Facebook stalking”).  I also don’t have a YouTube account, love to watch videos.  Check out this funny Volkswagen Super Bowl ad that I watched on YouTube. I think that you will really enjoy it!


Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial by Courtney Sturgill


I also really enjoyed the Doritos and Volkswagen Super Bowl commercials! I recently just posted the same Volkswagen commercial on Mishka Campbell’s “Socially Active” blog post.
Ever year I look forward to watching the Budweiser commercials during the Super Bowl and seeing the Clydesdales pulling the wagon behind. The 2006 “9/11 Tribute” is my favorite Budweiser ad because it honors those who lost their lives from the tragic terrorist attack.


Standing out on Twitter can be easy as 1,2,3 by Emily Leineweber


I love how you added the link in your blog about the 5 simple steps to attract more attention on Twitter. I created my Twitter account not to long ago and started following major companies and corporations. I could see their purpose of tweeting, but I felt like I never had anything important to say. With the help of your 5 simple tips I am going to start tweeting links to websites that I find interesting to attract more viewers!


Christina Augilera’s NewRendition of the National Anthem, by Courtney Sturgill


When first watching the video of Christina Augileria singing the National Anthem I noticed that she mixed up the lyrics, but it wasn’t that obvious unless you were completely tuned in and looking for her mistake.

It is completely understandable to be nervous about singing the National Anthem in front of millions of people, but when you mess up  you can’t expect to get off too easy. I mean she’s a celebrity and people in the media are just waiting for her to mess up so that they have something to talk about.


P.R. with a Cause, by Erin McDonough


Did you know Unilever owns both Axe and Dove? I think it’s awesome that Dove’s ads are all about empowering women, but coincidently, the Axe commercials use women in their ads as sexual objects. Pretty controversial if you ask me. I understand that Unilever is trying to target both women and men, but in doing so, Unilever is sending a contradictory message.


Do pilots really not smoke in the cockpit? What does that mean for landings? by Joseph Thornly


I would hope that all my flights are piloted with non-smokers too! If a pilot can’t go long without having a cigarette then they shouldn’t be flying airplanes. My guess would be that pilots, who do smoke, chew Nicorette gum. I don’t believe that pilots take a quick smoke break in the cockpit, unless they wouldn’t mind getting arrested. I would think that the airline companies are aware of the pilots that smoke and they wouldn’t schedule them to work overseas flights.


Bring back a little discretion , By Martin Waxman


Hi Martin! I grew up in a family that is very opinionated and they don’t mind sharing information with others, but even then I am very conscious of what I post on my Twitter or Facebook. I am pretty new to Twitter, but I have noticed people tend to post more helpful information on Twitter, then on Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, people speak freely on both social media sites, but I feel that people are judged more by their Tweets, then by their Facebook statuses. Being a college student, seeking a job in the PR world, I am learning all about ways people can benefit most from your Facebook and Twitter and I believe that your blog summed it up in 3 ways. Thanks for the help!


10 Blogs Every PR Professional Should Follow, by Katie Breaseale


I feel like college professors need to get up to speed on what’s happening in the social media world. So many of my professors are harping on the more outdated techniques of PR that I don’t think will completely prepare me for the future. Yes, I believe that press releases are still a big part of public relations, but I certainly don’t think that they are the only thing creating a  “World Wide Rave.”. Thanks for sharing, your blog gave me some great information!


Really Rolling Stone, by Mallory Moore


Wow! I had no idea Snooki was going to be featured on the cover of Rolling Stone! Yes, I find the wild antics of the Jersey Shore cast to be hilarious, but do I think they deserve the cover of Rolling Stone? Certainly not! Is Snooki good at anything else besides GTL? I don’t believe reality TV stars like the Jersey Shore should be on the front cover of a magazine that supposedly acknowledges people’s talents because really what are they even good at?


A catastrophe hits Japan, relief groups turn to social media, by Matt Wilson


Hi Matt! Thanks for sharing the information. Your blog is proof that social media truly connects people all over the world. Our reactions to this horrible natural disaster through Twitter and Facebook, allows the people of Japan to see that they are in our thoughts and prayers. By sending donations through a simple text or tweet we are truly making a difference.

According to CNN, an hour after the earthquake hit, the people of Japan posted over 1,000 tweets trying to connect with their loved ones. Could you imagine how much harder it would be for people all over the world to connect if sites like Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist? I can’t imagine a life without social media!


Get…Smarter, by Joe Citro


Joe, what a great post!. I thought it was very clever that Jennifer Aniston made it known to her audience that her mission is to create a viral video. I did find it ironic that Smart Water incorporated dancing babies in their video because in 2009 Evian had a running “Evian Babies” campaign that gained over 36 million hits on YouTube.


Swearing and Social Media, by Marie V-B


Swearing and social media is definitely a hot topic right now, especially after a curse word showed up in the Chrysler Twitter feed. Personally, I think it is very unprofessional to swear on a professional social media site. Even if you are trying to be funny, people may take it the wrong way and not understand your humor. If you are swearing to show that you are passionate about something, then people may think you are angry. I think it all depends on your company’s audience.


This is probably the worst music video ever–and it has 9 million views, by Alan Pearcy


It probably has 9 million views because everyone wants to see how bad the music video really is. She can’t even sing, she just sounds like a talking robot. My cousin is 13 and if she ever told me that she was “getting down on Friday” I would be concerned.


Social Media in Times of Natural Disasters, By Mishka Campbell


I found out about the crisis in Japan when I was switching through TV channels. Immediately after I heard about the earthquake I checked Twitter on my phone. My Twitter timeline was filled with inspirational messages for the people and Japan. People were also tweeting about ways to make donations. Thank goodness for social media!


Charlie Sheen, by Allie Dunn


Charlie Sheen really is all over the news and his shenanigans are becoming a little overrated if you ask me! It caught my attention when you said, “Is there no other news out there then Charlie Sheen, and what he’s doing?” CNN recently reported that the news was so caught up in Charlie Sheen and all of his antics, that four soldiers who lost their lives in war barely went unnoticed. Their families were outraged and they had every right to be! How sad is that? People are risking their lives and fighting for our country and we’re paying more attention to Charlie Sheen? It just doesn’t seem right.


Key Learnings in SPC 4350 AKA New Zoo Revue, by Barbara Nixon


My Lion is “Alphie”

A-ttitudes! Always have a positive attitude when you deliever your message through social media.

L-inked-In. Create an account and network.

P-ractice your writing skills.

H-elp others by leaving insightful blog comments

I-niciate converstations, so that you can connect with others.

E-valuate your work before you submit anything


President Obama “loses his cool” on Texas reporter, by Michael Sebastian


I don’t think President Obama lost his cool, but you could definitely tell that he was frustrated. I do think it would have been better if Obama addressed the reporter off camera because it’s possible for people to perceive the president in a negative way.The media is always paying close attention to the president because it gives them something to talk about.


OMG you guys: 14.5 percent of PR and marketing pros don’t use Twitter, by Kevin Allen


Wow, I was really surprised to read that 14.5 percent of public relations and marketing professionals don’t use Twitter!  I think some businesses may not use Twitter, because they don’t like the technological change, and they are already set in their ways. I think Twitter is easier to understand in comparison to other social media sites.


PR crisis averted? Lawsuit targeting Taco Bell’s beef withdrawn, by Michael Sebastian


This is good news for Taco Bell, but to be honest, I don’ t think they lost many costumer’s to begin with! After hearing the alleged allocations of Taco Bell serving only 36% pure beef, the drive-thru lines were still backed up. Now that they lawsuit has been dropped, people probably won’t feel guilty about grabbing a fourth meal or a late night snack!


Million Dollar Mommies-To-Be, by Erin McDonough


I am obsessed with Bravo TV! I think that Pregnant in Heels, is a wonderful addition to the network because so many women, whether they have millions of dollars or not, know nothing about basic safety precautions that they need to take before their baby arrives! Bravo TV does a great job at targeting different audiences.


The MODEST Royal Wedding, by Mishka Campbell


I can definitely see how all the media coverage on royal wedding can be obnoxious. I think because the wedding is on the rise, there seems to be a lot more talk about William and Kate. One thing that we need to remember is that people of royalty live luxurious and lavish lives and that will never change.


Flippin Out! by Joe Citro


Great post Joe! I have never used a flip camera before, but your blog has inspired me to try one out! I feel that I could benefit from learning how to use a flip camera because it’s really important to stay up to date with all the technological advances in the PR world!


Editor: 5 reasons I delete press releases, by Chloe Thompson


Being a college student, it’s really important that we never forget the proper way to write a press release. I know that no company would approve my press release if it included words like “LOL” and if I signed off with a couple hugs and kisses. We have to separate our tweeting, Facebook and texting lingo from the professional press release etiquette.


Khloe and Kris: Off to a Bad Start, by Mallory Moore


I am a huge Kardashian fan and watch their shows religiously! I always thought that Kris was a little whacky, but I can’t believe she would insinuate that Khloe is fat! All three of the Kardashian sisters are beautiful and I would be so upset if my mom talked to me like that. It surprises me that Khloe doesn’t have an eating disorder or something. Most parents, who are as controlling as Kris, tend to push their children over the deep end!


Why Facebook’s New Safety Measures Are an Improvement, by Matt LaCasse


I think these changes are necessary to help prevent cyber bullying and hackers on Facebook. I love that Facebook is always updating and changing their privacy settings! There are so many crazy people out there who are invading people’s privacy by hacking into their accounts. People, especially high school and college students have committed suicide because of cyber bullying.