If you’ve never read the book World Wide Rave then your definitely missing out on some valuable PR information!

The author, David Meerman Scott, is a New York Times best selling author, marketing strategist, keynote speaker and seminar leader!

The World Wide Rave gives “Rules of the Rave” on how a companies can trigger a world wide rave:

1. Nobody cares about your product (except you)- People only care about themselves ways to solve their  problems.

2. No coercion required- If you have a product worth sharing, you won’t need to coerce people into buying your products.

3. Lose control-Make your messages available and free  for everyone to see online.

4. Put down the roots- If you want your message to spread you need to be involved in the online community.

5. Create triggers that encourage people to share- Companies need to be create, so that people will want to share their message.

6. Point the world to your desktop-If you follow the “Rules of the Rave,” people will talk about your company, and when they do, they will create buzz all over search engines.

I highly recommend this book! It is a short,easy read and every company can benefit from it!