I was inspired to write about charity: water because of a presentation that Joe Citro, Dave Del Col, Melissa Rodriguez and Alexa Gardner did in my PR Strategies class.

Scott Harrison, founder of charity: water started the organization in 2004 after traveling to Africa. He was looking for a life changing experience after spending 10 years of his life living selfishly, promoting clubs and fashion events in New York City.

charity: water is a non-profit organization that brings clean and safe water to under developed countries. 100% of donations go to towards the funding of wells to bring in the clean water.

Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Jessica Biel and Adam Lambert support charity: water a raise awareness of the cause through social media sites, like Twitter.

Justin Bieber tweeted to his fans and family members to donate $17 to charity: water for his 17th birthday. Bieber’s goal was to raise $17,000, but so far he has exceeded the number of donations by raising over $46,000. His birthday wish has created a running campaign!

I feel that a lot of people are informed about different charities because of social media.  I first heard about charity: water on Twitter. If it wasn’t for social media I would be clueless about major issues going on around the world.

Check out the viral video called “Charity.Water (stop the pain).” Del Col, created the video to promote awareness of charity:water.