OK, so I’m sure many of you are thinking, who watches American Idol? That show is so 9 seasons ago! But, I on the other hand, happen to be a huge American Idol fan!! I have been watching season 10 religiously!

When judges, Simon Cowel and Paula Abdul left the show, I had pretty low expectations for American Idol, but I have to say, FOX made a great move by adding new judges,  Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler ! They are wonderful judges and certainly keep the viewers entertained.

Aside from the new judges, I have never seen so many talented artists on one season! My absolute favorite was Pia Toscano! Her elimination was quite controversial when she was voted off on April 7th.  Considering that she was top 5 material, many of her fans were upset when she had to leave the show.

Some critics say Toscano was voted off due to an underlying sexism amongst the voters.

Pia Toscano will be a star no matter what! She doesn’t need the title of American Idol to make a name for herself. She is such a talented artist and record companies are after her!

According to E! Online, She will be appearing on Dancing With the Stars Tuesday, April 26th. She even made her debut on the Ellen Show April 14th.

Check out this YouTube Video of Toscano singing “All in Love is Fair.”