Our Professor Barbara Nixon does it again! She proves that you can truly form friendships and establish business partners just by connecting through social media.

I watched another 20-minute video interview between professor Nixon and Kneale Mann. Mann is from Canada and they have never met in person, but have talked several times through blogging.

I learned many interesting things about social media from the interview!

Mann talks about Twitter being a micro-blog. Every time you tweet about a company or every time a business tweets, they are essentially starting a mini blog.

People need to understand that the purpose of Twitter isn’t just a status update like Facebook. Use Twitter to your advantage! Focus on the message that you are trying to spread, not the amount of followers you have. If you are tweeting valuable information, you will gain more followers.

Mann also gives great information about blogging. It’s important to blog about topic that is important to you.

Blog about an experience that you had or something that people can relate too. If you blog about something that your passionate it about, the flow of your writing will come naturally.

Blog comments are also really important in the world of social media. They are essential to the writer because it motivates them to keep blogging.

Professor Nixon has already taught me a lot about leaving blog comments and Mann solidified the importance.

I know that blog comments need to give the writer valuable feedback, rather then  information like, “Great blog!” You also don’t want your blog comments to be too lengthy.

Just like Martin Waxman said, it’s vital to proofread your writing, especially when it pertains to blogs. You will lose credibility if your blog comments have misspelled words or grammar mistakes.

I highly recommend this video interview between Professor Nixon and Kneale Mann! It really makes me look at Twitter and blogging in a totally different way!