Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? Before I started taking PR Strategies I had a Facebook page, but I didn’t have a Twitter account. I didn’t see the purpose of Twitter and I swore that I would never make one.

Now I consider myself to be an active user of both social media sites! Both Facebook and Twitter  have social and professional benefits.

Benefits of Facebook:

1. You can connect with family and friends

2. You can share picture albums

3. You can chat through instant messaging

4. You can promote upcoming events

5. You an create fan pages

6. You can network

Benefits of Twitter

1. You can create hash tags that allow people to follow trending topics

2. You can share links that connect to other websites or social medias

3. You can share pictures

4. It’s easier to navigate

5. People tend to respond more quickly

6. You can network

Now, after reading the benefits I’m sure you can come up with a whole list of cons for Twitter and Facebook. I think the most important thing to understand is that no matter your preference, they are both used in the professional PR world! Take the time to explore each site and apply them to your life!

Checkout this YouTube video on “How to Link Facebook and Twitter Together.”