Charlie Sheen is one of the hottest commodities in the media right now, grabbing the attention of millions. His crazy actions and popular Twitter page aren’t going unnoticed.

He is definitely working the social network, and going down in the Guinness Book of World Records for gaining over 1,000,000 Twitter followers in just 24 hours. Now with over 2,000,000 followers, Sheen is becoming an even bigger star then he already was.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve been entertained by his “winning” and “tiger blood” messages, but I feel like the media is causing his behavior to escalade with all the attention they are giving him. He obviously wants to get a reaction out of people and he’s doing a great job at it!

Here are 3 examples as to why Sheen is a walking public relations campaign:

1. He has certainly defined his presence in the social media world.

2. His nonsense videos have gone viral

3. Everything he does has a purpose behind it.

According to E! Online, he has also recently signed a deal to market “winning” t-shirts.

There is no doubt in my mind that Sheen has a PR team behind him, helping him craft up ideas to keep him popular in the media. I’m wondering though, how long do you think people will put up with his antics before they get tired of him? What extreme measures will he go to, to keep up his reputation? It’s a scary thought when you think about it!

Check out part of Sheen’s Good Morning America interview that has over 6,000,000 hits!