I thought Foursquare was just a game that kids played at recess!  Now Foursquare is an application that can be downloaded to your mobile smart phones that link to your address book, Facebook and Twitter accounts?

By downloading this application you can “check-in” to different locations that Foursquare offers, by picking up on your cell phone’s GPS location. This allows your friends and family to see where you are.

The more you use Foursquare and the more places you check-in to, the more points and badges you will receive. You can unlock badges and earn points depending on how often you check-in to a place.

If you check-in to a location more than anyone else you become the mayor. Businesses benefit from you being the mayor because it shows them that you are a loyal costumer. By being a loyal customer they want to reward you to show their appreciation.

Even if you are not the mayor, businesses offer specials and discounts to people who are Foursquare users.Businesses can benefit from this because they are attracting new customers, and by rewarding them, they are giving people an incentive to go back and visit their location.

Businesses also benefit from Foursquare because they are able to gain publicity. Every time someone checks-in, that business is essentially gaining word of mouth advertising through its publics. The check-ins can turn into recommendations, persuading friends and family members to visit that business.

Even though Foursquare is all about fun and games, it does leave room for potential dangers. One of the reasons why I was hesitant about using Foursquare is because I feared that I could be stalked.

Even though I have all these privacy settings on my accounts, I never really know who has access to my Facebook and Twitter pages. People have the ability to tap into your accounts without you even knowing!

Check out the “How to Unlock Your World With Foursquare” YouTube Video! It highlight’s the great features that Foursquare offers.