I think that the Super Bowl brings family and friends together to celebrate and enjoy one another’s company while being entertained by the football game and the commercials.  Even if you aren’t a big football fanatic, people look forward to seeing the new commercials.

My least favorite Super Bowl XLV ad was the Sketchers Shape-ups commercial, staring Kim Kardashian

I was really disappointed when I saw the Sketchers Shape-ups ad, because I really like Kim Kardashian and her entertaining family, but I don’t feel like she portrays a good image of herself.

If I had been watching that commercial with my family, I would have felt really uncomfortable when it came on.  It would have been really awkward to watch around my parents and my grandparents.

Here is a list of 4 things that I found to be particularly disturbing about the ad:

1.The sexual innuendo.

2.The camera zooming in on her hands touching her stomach and chest.

3. The trainer standing very close to her without having a shirt on, while she’s just wearing a sport’s bra and spandex.

4. Kim throwing her towel up onto the workout machine while the camera zoomed in on her butt.

Let’s face it. Who would really “dump” their trainer for a pair of shoes? Not me. OK, so maybe the shoes could potentially help you get better results faster, but I don’t think it would be beneficial to your workout get rid of your personal trainer.

The commercial is obviously targeting women who want to look like her.  The ad is also very appealing to men.  Some women want men to look at them the same way that they look at Kim Kardashian.

The Skecthers Shape-ups commercial isn’t the first overly sexual commercial that Kim Kardashian has been featured in.

Check out her Carl’s Jr. Commercial that I found on YouTube!

Once again, I would be so uncomfortable watching that commercial with my family!