In today’s society people monitor and criticize whether the use of social media is ethical or unethical. How do you view social media?

People argue that companies are invading our privacy by following us around on the internet. Companies are developing ways that they can personally identify you. I feel like this is an unethical approach to go about monitoring social media activity. At times I worry about my safety because I feel like I’m being stalked. I worry that someone could be watching me.

Businesses argue that they are just, “doing their job.” They want to monitor the websites that we use so that they know what they need to do to keep us, as customers happy.  If we are satisfied with a company and what they offer us, we are more likely to be loyal customers.

One way to prevent people from really tapping into our lives is by not giving out to much personal information, or stating our first and last names.

Every time you click on a website’s banner, or every time you visit a website you leave behind a trail.  It is easy for companies to detect who visited their website, how long you stayed and what you did.

YouTube, for example, allows people to do things like upload or share videos, and viewers can also “like” or “unlike” videos.  YouTube also displays the number of times people viewed a video. In my opinion, this is considered monitoring social media in an ethical way.

Check out the “Single Ladies Devastation” YouTube video that won Favorite Viral Video at the 2010 People’s Choice Awards.

In my Copy Writing class I also learned that companies monitor people’s social media activity for general demographic purposes. I also think this type of social media monitoring is ethical. For example, I think it is fair to report statistics that provide information based on a large population, not just a few individuals.