Are you the type of person who enjoys reading and commenting on blogs, rather then writing them? Well, in my opinion, commenting on a blog is the same thing as blogging! I didn’t realize this until I was reading blog posts written by my fellow peers and thinking of ways that I could give positive feedback.

Commenting on blogs is essential to the author because it allows them to gather new ideas and gain feedback. When giving criticism or advice to the author, you are essentially creating a relationship with them. One way authors can gain the most out of your comments is by being creative!

Posting links to different websites that lead them to interesting articles and videos will benefit them.  According to Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, authors of the groundswell, “This interlinking forms the blogosphere.”

The term blogosphere implies that blogs exist together as a linked community where authors can bounce ideas off one another, especially through commentators (Li 20). Not only do you create a relationship with the author, but you can create relationships with others who are leaving comments as well.  Others may be reading your comments and checking out the links that you post.

Sharing your experiences and giving them insight will motivate the author to keep blogging. Leaving comments like, “I agree with what you are saying” or “great blog!” does not give the author enough information to let them know that you really benefiting from their blog. Authors’ blog to bounce ideas off of one another, and it is impossible to truly benefit from those types of comments.

Also, make sure your comments are short, sweet and too the point! The author may skip over your comment if it is too long or if you are taking forever to make a point. If you don’t agree with what the author is saying in their blog that is perfectly all right. Just be sure to state your opinion respectively!

Check out this interesting YouTube video about how to become an awesome commenter!